Moving On Up & Culture Day in Japan

I recently moved to a new apartment. This was the first time I've done this in Japan on my own, without the help of a company I work for. I don't think I could have done this just a few years ago, because of my Japanese ability at the time. Now however, I am comfortable and confident enough to navigate the entire process.

It was a relatively quick and painless process (actually, some parts were pretty painful - I dropped a pretty heavy appliance on my foot that I'm still recovering from). From the time I contacted the real estate company, scouted out apartments, decided on one, signed the contract, and moved in took about a month total. I'd say that is a pretty quick move.

My new place is quite an upgrade from where I previously lived. I live closer to downtown Utsunomiya which is very convenient. I'm happy with my new place (the garden is a great bonus!) and it's been a great learning process.

I am enjoying more and more becoming more self reliant when living in a country that is drastically different than where I'm from. There is no longer (much of) a language barrier, and the more I learn of the culture, the easier things become. Japan has streamlined much of the headaches involved with tedious activities, and for that I'm happy.

November 3rd happened to be Culture Day in Japan. This is considered a national holiday and I had the day off. I took that opportunity to explore my new neighborhood and visit some local shrines. I took some photos of some of the locations and uploaded them to my Facebook page.

So now, the busy month of October is finished and the year 2015 is winding down. I am very much looking forward to 2016. I have a lot of big plans ahead that I'm really excited about, and this move was the first stepping stone towards those plans.
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