Christmas in Japan & Here Comes Santa Claus!ー 日本のクリスマスとサンタがやって来たー!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday! This is a wonderful time of the year, as many winter holidays are celebrated. Christmas is certainly celebrated in Japan, but it is a bit different than in Western culture.

Christmas in Japan is strictly a secular holiday, unless you happen to be one of the few Japanese Christians. As such, it is not considered a national holiday either, and most Japanese work on Christmas. However, Christmas is still recognized and celebrated in Japan. Back in America, I thought that each year the Christmas decorations would come out earlier and earlier. In Japan, they get into the Christmas season as early as the beginning of November, immediately after Halloween! You'll see shops and towns decorating with Christmas lights and illuminations, as well as Christmas trees pop up here or there. One of the popular past times during this season is viewing the wonderful light displays that are put on.

Food is a bit different in Japan when it comes to Christmas. Christmas cakes are very popular with fresh strawberries on top of a white cake. The lines to buy Christmas cakes are often very long and its best to purchase yours a bit earlier than on Christmas Day. One tradition that might strike Americans as quite humorous is the tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Eve as a family. That's right! Turkey is difficult to come by in Japan, so the Japanese have adopted to eat at KFC. It's amazing seeing how popular it is here, and how each store will have a statue of Colonel Sanders dressed as Santa.

The idea of giving gifts is not foreign in the least to the Japanese, so they have embraced this aspect of Christmas entirely. Children write letters to Santa and receive gifts on Christmas morning. Christmas is also seen as a romantic holiday for couples and they often go on dates and exchange presents on Christmas.

For the second year now, I was asked again to act as Santa at Tobu department store in Utsunomiya. I did it last year for the first time, and it was quite fun! I would dress as Santa and walk around the department store giving presents to kids and posing for pictures, as well as having a photo booth session several times throughout the day. Last year was such a great success, that I was asked this year to do it two weeks in a row! Once on December 14th, and then on December 21st. This year was much more successful as there were many more children who showed up. I even received a few touching letters from kids. But it wasn't only children who wanted their picture with Santa, I had requests from people of all ages! It was quite fun and I would absolutely love doing it again next year. I was able to get some video of one of my days as Santa. You can check it out below!

Thank you guys for reading, and I want to say how grateful I am for all of you reading my blog. 2013 was a great year for me, and it saw the reviving of this blog, as well as the start of my Youtube vlogs. I'll continue into 2014 doing my best on both and I hope to see you guys along the way as well. I have a lot in store for 2014 so stay tuned for that!

Thank you all again and have a very Happy New Year!

Christmas in Japan & Here Comes Santa Claus!ー 日本のクリスマスとサンタがやって来たー! Christmas in Japan & Here Comes Santa Claus!ー 日本のクリスマスとサンタがやって来たー! Reviewed by Shea Roberts on 10:20 AM Rating: 5
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