Japanese Study Materials Review: Let's Speak Japanese! 日本語を話そう!

Hey guys! Here is another video review of some Japanese language study materials I've used and continue to use.

In this series of books, the primary focus is on conversation, pronunciation, intonation, and general flow of speaking using a technique called "shadowing". Shadowing is where one listens to audio and immediately follows listening with repeating the audio exactly how the speakers sound. The goal is to have your Japanese (or any language you're learning) sound natural and fluid.

The first book, for beginners, starts with very basic one word conversations. It progresses into useful situations about asking for directions, date & time, etc. With each chapter, the focus is on longer conversations with more difficult grammar. By the second book (for intermediate and advanced learners) it breaks conversations down into categories. From family & close relationships, to friendships, acquaintances & neighbors, store clerks, work colleagues, superiors at work, and business clients. The final chapter in the book focuses on long conversations (that last several minutes).

I still use these materials to this day, and I review them frequently. I always get help with my conversation skills by using the materials in these books. The best part is they are really inexpensive. I bought both for about $15 each.

The method in which I learned best with these materials was to listen to one lesson each day for as many times as I could. Later I would read the conversations aloud and try to replicate the actor's voices exactly how I heard them. I would do this for long periods of study time. When I go back and review, I always find I improve areas of pronunciation, intonation, and speed. I really enjoy these books and they provide so much content to learn from. A very useful tool when learning language.


Japanese Study Materials Review: Let's Speak Japanese! 日本語を話そう! Japanese Study Materials Review: Let's Speak Japanese! 日本語を話そう! Reviewed by Shea Roberts on 10:24 PM Rating: 5
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