Rebirth & Restoration! 再生回復だ!

Hey guys! After a four year absence in posting, I have returned to active updating. As the title suggests, this is a rebirth of my travel blog in Japan. However, I will now be covering a lot more than just the places to which I travel. I will now chronicle not only my adventures, but also thoughts and strategies with learning Japanese, interesting experiences, fun people I encounter, aspects of culture, and my general thoughts.

If you had followed me before, you may notice that all of my previous entries are gone. I debated for a while whether to keep them or not. On one hand, it was a window into my past, and my experiences as a newcomer to Japan. It showed my progression from the first time I set foot on Japanese soil, to working for a Japanese company, to traveling to Tokyo for the first time, and much more. Perhaps it would have been nice to keep. But, I have grown a lot in the last four years. I have gained much wisdom, not only about Japan, but about life in general. I am a different person than I was back then and I want this blog to reflect who I am now. It is best to leave the past where it belongs. I must not forget my past, as it helped me grow into who I am today. However, my focus should be on the present, and where I am heading towards in the future. Having said that, I feel a bit of an explanation as to what transpired in recent years is required to show how I came to where I am today, and the reasoning behind restarting this blog.

The date of my last post was March 9th, 2009. I was six months into my first journey to Japan. I was enjoying my time and my youth here, and I continued to do so for the following nine months. By the time December had arrived, I admit that I was feeling a bit homesick. I had not returned to America at all during my time in Japan. I had different aspirations and goals as to what I wanted to do when I got back to America. At the time though, I had not really prepared for moving back home. When I went back, I spent the holidays with my family and moved to southeast Texas, near Houston. While I enjoyed my time there, I always felt that something was missing, that I wasn't where I was supposed to be. This led to unhappiness in my life and an eager desire to find out where I should be in my life. After months and months of thought, I had determined that I left Japan too soon and immediately made plans to return.

I was fortunate enough to get in contact with people who would lead me to what I consider the best job I have ever had. And in April of 2011 I returned to Japan and became a kindergarten teacher. This has proven to be the most rewarding and life-changing experience I have had. There is not a day that goes by that I do not love what I do. I do not even consider it work. For the first time in my life I felt truly content and happy with where I was going in terms of what I felt I was meant to do. Each day rewards me with a new experience and a passion to learn more and develop my skills in order to teach the kids I have.

Over the course of the last two years, I have continued to learn and grow each day. I continually strive to better myself in terms of my teaching, my health, and my life. During the two previous years I have developed a love of traveling within Japan's natural beauty, especially mountain climbing. Japan's natural beauty is like none other I have experienced so far, and I enjoy any opportunity I can get to explore this wonderful land.

So that brings me now to the renewed purpose of this blog. My love for traveling, my love for teaching, my love for learning, and my love for growth! I am truly excited to be back logging my journeys. Please enjoy the experiences I have to share.


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